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Back-to-school exams only happen once a year...

And if you’re ready for it…YOU can benefit greatly!

Take a minute to join Michael Fleming, Author and CEO at Innovate DentalĀ Marketing, to learn how ourĀ Back-to-School Direct Mail Campaign can give your practice a Summer boost!

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Summer is an incredible time to get more patients in for appointments! As you know, back to-school exams are required for all children who are returning to school this year…

Giving you an incredible no-brainer opportunity!

We’ve uncovered a Back to School Examination Strategy that almost no one knows about, and that has the ability to serve your community AND grow your production faster than you’ve ever seen before!

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Our Back-to-School campaign is your once-a-year chance to benefit from this existing need in your community!

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We create highly effective, tested and affordable direct mail campaigns to make sure the back-to-school crowd can find you. We even provide a FREE report to tell you how many school-age patients are in your area.

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