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Uncover the truth about common direct response marketing myths that may be preventing you from measurable success.

Source: Debunked: The 5 Top Direct Response Marketing Myths


Are you just sticking with what you think works best for when it comes to your marketing tactics or are you looking into the facts? There are many myths when it comes to Direct Marketing and most would surprise you! “Direct Mail is as effective as ever—in fact, there’s no stopping it. That’s because using the greater amounts of data available it’s becoming more targeted, more personalized, and more relevant to its recipients every day. And as this happens, less of this mail in people’s boxes will be perceived as junk because it’s actually connecting with them. So from postcards to letters to envelopes with multiple components, you can expect to keep seeing direct mail delivered, opened, and driving results.” Check out the article above to find out more!


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