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The $299 Email Marketing Special from Innovate Dental Marketing

June 1, 2022

The $299 Email Marketing Special is a custom-made email that goes out to all of your patients explaining what your practice has been up to whether it is serving your community, continuing education, or/and new equipment you have obtained for your practice. These newsletters help build and sustain that human connection between you and your patients and keep them coming back for more than just biannual teeth cleaning. You can even fold in offers in these letters to encourage your patients to come back for different services like a discount on Invisalign, a Dental Crown special, a free whitening tray, a free toothbrush, or more. All we need is to get your ideas for content, then we’ll create that content for you and get it sent out to your patients. A newsletter is your opportunity to shine and tell your community how you’re committed to their care, while we do the work in doing that for you.

Want to learn more about Innovate Dental Marketing?

Want to learn more about Innovate Dental Marketing?

I just wanted to jump on here and write to our readers about our email marketing campaign and how you can use it to best communicate with your existing patients at your practice. Over these last few years, we’ve been utilizing email marketing to talk about products and services that you can offer to your patients. An example of this would be if you have an Invisalign event going on where if someone shows up, they get $500 off their treatment. Our $299 email marketing campaign however has transitioned from being solely marketing and more into patient communication. This has driven some success for a lot of our clients using this service, it’s building a connection between you and your community. Think of these emails as a newsletter type of format, it’s a way to communicate current events about what’s going on at your practice to your patients. In these emails, you can communicate to your patients about what you’re doing to prove your continued commitment to providing the best care and service you possibly can. For example, you can talk about how often you’ve been doing continuing education events to improve your skills and knowledge to ensure commitment to your patients. Another example is to talk about the current events going on in your practice, like new staff, updated staff, staff birthdays, and whatever else we can communicate to create that connection between what you’re doing at the practice with your patients.

Oftentimes what happens is you have this more business relationship with your patients, they show up every six months for their hygiene appointment and then you won’t hear from them again for another six months. Maybe one or two more times a year for treatment follow-ups, but that’s the extent of the relationship. With these emails though, you’re dropping in this new information every month, and the next time they come in they’ll have this connection with you and your practice that they didn’t have before.

One of my good friends in Oregon just went to this event in Seattle to continue his education and learn new knowledge about his craft, and this was a huge deal for him, especially for him to share it with his patients too. Not only was it an accomplishment for him and allowed him to build up his skillset and his confidence, but it showed his commitment to providing superior care to his patients. This is where this continues to grow in that newsletter format, building that connection to your connection by communicating these types of things to them. Oftentimes people have these things they communicate on static web pages, which is great and all, but only if your patients regularly view your website. Is being only on your website sufficient enough? Spoon-feeding this information that you want them to see regularly through an email has a better chance of making it to their consciousness, than it does only being on your web page that they may or may not view for this new information.

Another way to use these emails to build that connection to your community or your “tribe” is through community events, there are major opportunities when it comes to these events/ Whether it’s through school, your local church, personal groups, or whatever it is; Think about what you are doing in your community that you can share with your patients to show that you are not only committed to their care but also to your community as a whole. We’ve built this $299 email marketing campaign to be sort of like a newsletter format that goes out once a month and includes all the different information that you want to include in it. While we can do it two times a month or even four times a month, we’ve gathered that once a month is the most sustainable based on the feedback we’ve received from our other clients. We aren’t selling a template that you type a few sentences into, it will be completely custom. So, for $299 we are selling a completely custom email that will go out to all of your patients based on the information you give to us in a quick 15-minute monthly phone call. We’ll draft the content based on your desired objective of the email, and we can also fold in offers into it if that’s something you’re interested in and have a special you’d like to offer to your community.

Envision this newsletter formatted email where it starts with you talking about how this past weekend you were at your local Baptist church handing out free toothbrushes. Next paragraph you’ll read about how your hygienist Susan just celebrated her birthday, and there will be a picture of her included with some balloons. Then we have another paragraph where we talk about this continuing education event you attended and what this means for your patients. One example that we did recently was one of our clients had recently gotten this new 3D scanner, so this was the opportunity for them to explain in layman’s terms what this new equipment means for your practice. That way people can understand it fully and then turn this new information into value for them as far as what that looks like for their future visits. Then in the next section, you can talk about how if you show up next Tuesday between 6-8 pm, you can get $500 Invisalign at our event. Of course, all of this information would be what you’d like to communicate to your patients but these are some examples of what the layout would look like.

"This offer requires no hard labor on your end. Since we create the content based on the information you give us in a quick phone call, there’s now not really an excuse not to do it."

For the people who want to do newsletters because they see the tremendous value in keeping that connection with patients, but don’t have the time to dedicate to creating and mailing out the letters; This offer requires no hard labor on your end. Since we create the content based on the information you give us in a quick phone call, there’s now no excuse not to do it.

All we need to do is sit down for a quick 15-minute phone call to get the details of what kind of content you want in that email and then you’re done. We get the content ideas from you (we’ll fill in any gaps), and then we’ll create the content for you and send it out. Other than that, we just need your email address list. We’ll get you an account set up through constant contact, create the content, and send it out. It makes your life so much easier since we’re doing all the work for you. Plus the little amount of work you do have to do isn’t work, see it as your opportunity to shine and to tell your community how dedicated you are to their care.

If you’re interested in our $299 email marketing campaign, just reach out to us using the link below and we’ll be in contact with you soon! We look forward to helping you build that connection between you and your patients and community, take care.

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