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70% of New Movers seek out a Dental Practice within the first 6 MONTHS of their move!

Our Direct Mail Attracts them...

...with a Response Rate up to NINE TIMES Higher than Email!

Find Out How Many New Movers Are In Your Area Today!

Take a minute to join Cody Gallagher, Vice President & Head of Sales at Innovate Dental Marketing, and learn how our Direct Mail Campaigns can reach and acquire new patients…and why you need this more than ever in 2024!

For over 18 years, Innovate Dental Marketing has been running direct mail campaigns for dentists all over the country to help their practices gain new patients!

…And we want to do the same for YOU!

We do it all:

Ready to Start NOW?

Premium Postcards

Our 6″ x 11″ premium dental direct mail postcards have plenty of room for multiple offers and eye catching images. Full-color and printed on beautiful 140lb glossy card stock, as a result these high-impact pieces can’t help but stand out and get noticed. 

Standard Postcards

Our high quality 5.5″ ×8.5″ postcards are especially relevant for your first campaign or for advertising on a budget. Printed in full-color on beautiful 140lb glossy card stock, these little cards pack a big punch. 

Half-Fold Mailers

Need more room to communicate? Our 8.5″ ×11″ Half-Fold mailers offer more panels for increased design space. Most of all, these are great for multiple offers, new mover mailers, and procedure follow up instructions! 

Start Attracting Them NOW!

Featuring custom designs, fast printing and targeted mailing, Direct Mail Campaigns from Innovate Dental Marketing can help your practice reach and acquire new patients when they move to your area!