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$89 Social Media Special

March 10, 2022
Our fearless leader and CEO, Michael Fleming, is excited to announce our new $89 Social Media Special! This package helps you engage with your prospective and existing clients with two unique graphics posted on two social media platforms. This is an ideal solution for practices that have an account and followers, but lack the bandwidth or time to post regularly. Let us handle it for you!

Want to learn more about our Social Media offerings?

What’s up, guys? It’s Michael Fleming with Innovate Dental Marketing. I am so excited to talk about our newest special, the $89 Social Media Package. We have never done this before, and I am excited to tell you about it because it allows our clients and prospective clients to engage with their existing audience on social media. Think about this: Every practice has a Facebook account and everyone has these grand intentions to connect with their following, right? But what winds up happening is there is a hygienist, assistant, or office manager who moves on to another career, right? Then all of a sudden, you have not posted for six months. We see this time and time again with so many of the practices that we work with.

Our traditional offering is $199 a mo. for four posts, across three social media platforms. Right now, as we head into the holiday season, we are looking at offering a low entry point for all of our prospective and existing practices. Where we are offering two unique posts, that are specific to you, something more than just a “Dental Hygiene Month” post (we do that too!) In this case, it’s about connecting with your practice’s mission and vision, then spreading that across your social media outlets. Which includes Facebook & Instagram. So imagine two pieces of content, spread between the two outlets, so four total posts for just $89 a month. This service is perfect for practices with a healthy social following, but can’t devote the time or energy to promoting content.

This is a great way for you to move from that one post every three to six months to now getting twice-a-month recurring posts. It also creates the opportunity for you to have a mission to connect with. For example, I’m currently recording this on November 11, it’s 11/11. As we are wrapping up November and heading into December, a lot of your messages could be “end of your benefits”. It’s a great way to share that message with your existing following.

$89 Social Media Special - Innovate Dental Marketing

Another option that we focus on during the Holidays is Cosmetic. Whether it may be Teeth Whitening or Teeth Straightening, things that you can gift to yourself. These are great messages to spread. As we head into December and into January, it’s the resetting of benefits which is a great idea, “new year, new smile”. It helps us connect with your mission, for you to speak out with a megaphone. Be sure to use Facebook and Instagram to your benefit, and stay in touch with your followers. You spent some time creating this account and getting these followers. Now, if you’re not constantly dripping content to them, you’re abandoning them. So that’s why we wanted to come forth with a low entry point offer for you to take advantage of. It is only $89, it’s super simple. We have this setup, you will reach out to us with this link, and submit the payment for $89. Then we reach out to you about your login credentials or walk you through the instructions for making us an admin or manager of your account. We also want to connect with you on what message you want to have through November, December, January, and so forth. We touch base every three months to set the table for that new message. Maybe next month is Dental Implant focus, then after is Invisalign, and after is Teeth Whitening. Whatever that message is for you and what is unique to your practice.

This isn’t canned content. We are not going to push content that we don’t think is relevant to your practice, it's truly connecting to your mission.

$89, this is the lowest we have ever offered before, again the other offer we have been pushing through the year is $189 for the 4 posts over 3 different social media outlets. This is a little lower scale than that offer, but a great entry point. Here’s the deal: No Contract. This is month-to-month. If you want to cancel, it’s like a 30-day notice and then we’re done. If you try this for 3 months and it isn’t your cup of tea, that’s fine! Nothing is shackling this to you. So, the low entry point for $89, with no commitment. There’s no better way. If you have even considered boosting your social media, now is the time to do it. You can count on our presence throughout the holidays and through 2022 to help you out. Complete the transaction, we’ll reach out to you, connect with your Facebook account, and connect with your mission. Then, we’ll move forward!

I hope you’re having a great day and we are so grateful for the opportunity to work with you. Take care!