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Their "Big Day" is Your BIG Opportunity to Get Noticed...AND Get New Patients!

Popular wedding planning apps and websites are some of the BEST places to grab new cosmetic patients.

Our Bridal Ads get you SEEN by patients (and their wedding parties!) who desire a dazzling new smile NOW!

Innovate Dental Marketing is now offering

The $299 Bridal Ad Management Package!

We work with YOU and YOUR PRACTICE to make sure your ads are shown on the most popular wedding planning sites & apps!

Let's get started!

Our team at Innovate Dental Marketing works with you to share a cohesive brand for your practice across the most popular websites and apps used for wedding planning.

This promotes all of the cosmetic services your practice has to offer…

clear braces, implants, whitening, veneers…

And targets the patients who are actively looking for these services!

We can advertise on many websites and apps, including:

  • The Knot
  • Wedding Planner (App)
  • Wedding Forward
  • Bride Wired
  • Dressed for My Day
  • Green Wedding Shoes
  • Emmaline Bride

...and more!

Our $299 Bridal Ad Management Package gets you in front of new patients (and their wedding parties) while they are planning a wedding…and thinking more about perfecting their personal appearance!

And we do it all for you:

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The $299 Bridal Ad Management Package

Only from Innovate Dental Marketing