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Your Dental Practice NEEDS To Be Seen By Potential Patients!

There is no better place to share how you can improve a patient's smile than on one of the most popular dating apps!

Innovate Dental Marketing is now offering

The $299 Dating App Ads Management Package!

We work with YOU and YOUR PRACTICE to make sure your ads are shown on Tinder, one of the most popular dating apps!

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Why is ads management for dating apps so important right now? Take a minute to join Cody Gallagher, Vice President & Head of Sales at Innovate Dental Marketing, to learn how ads on dating apps can bring you new patients!

Our team at Innovate Dental Marketing will work with you and your practice to create a cohesive brand across the most popular dating apps.

This is a great opportunity to share all of the cosmetic services your practice has to offer!

Our $299 Dating App Ads Management Package helps get you in front of new patients while they are spending time scrolling through profiles…and thinking more about their personal appearance!

We can advertise on many apps, including:

• Tinder
• Grindr
• OkCupid
• Zoosk

• happn
• Plenty of Fish
• Chispa
 & More! 

and more!

Ads Management for Dental Practices

You may not initially think dating apps would be a great place to advertise your cosmetic dentistry services but let us tell you why they actually are a great place to advertise. Firstly, they have a broad audience (in 2020, 44 million Americans were using dating sites).

Secondly, you can target your primary demographic all in one app. There are several different sites out there that have different demographics they cater to. For example, if you want to target a younger audience, you may want to consider marketing on Tinder. However, if you want to target a more mature demographic, advertising on would be more beneficial.

Since your target audience by advertising on these apps will be people trying to attract partners, advertising services for teeth whitening or veneers is perfect.

While they’re scrolling through different user profiles looking for dates, they’re going to be thinking about their own appearance. They’ll be thinking about whether their smile is straight or bright enough in their profile picture or in person (when they find a date), and your ad will help put an idea of action behind those thoughts. They are going to want to look great for the dates they get, and you’re there telling them in your ads that you can help them look good.

And we do it all for you:

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The $299 Dating App

Ads Management Package
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