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Black Friday & Cyber Monday Specials from Innovate Dental Marketing

November 24, 2021

Coming to you guys from Disneyland to announce the Social Media Special we are doing for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Our Social Media Package is only $69. This price will never be this low again, so get it while you can! Limited time offer, no contracts or anything, plus money back guaranteed!

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How are you? I hope you can hear me. It is Michael Fleming coming to you from Disneyland! We are at Magic Kingdom right before the Holidays. But I am coming to you because of our social media special for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. We are doing our social media package for only $69 (Insert mind-blowing sound). We just lowered it to $89 two weeks ago. We want to celebrate Black Friday and Cyber Monday. The offer is one-time only! This incredible event will probably never happen again. For just $69, you can get our social media package. What a crazy deal. Our price is so affordable. And what not better place to announce this than the Magical Kingdom of Disneyland? If you fail to like it, money back is guaranteed. No contracts. Happy Holidays!

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