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With millions of people looking online, scrolling through social media and utilizing Google to find information – your dental practice needs to not only be present but also be at the top of those search queries! Innovate brings your dental practice’s online presence to the next level with high-performance websites, SEO, Social Media, PPC Ads & Accountable data created for you and your practice’s goals. We want to help with the digital services that matter most to you!

Website Design & Management

Search Engine Optimization

Social Media

Facebook Adwords

Google Adwords & PPC

ROI Data Reporting

website design at innovate dental marketing

Website Management

Website Design

Innovate brings your dental practice’s online presence to the next level with high-performance, high-value websites created for you and your brands with custom content and graphics. Your new sites will look great on any device, featuring essential information about your business and brands.

Website Maintenance

After launching your website to the public, we engage in a continuous process of further optimization. Since we’re also familiar with LocalMed and other scheduling widgets, we make sure your clients can continue to schedule their appointments online.

Innovate will act as an agent on your behalf to add the following value to your website:

Google SEO Optimization is one of our Digital Services

Search Engine Optimization

Organic SEO

Innovate is well versed in Organic (non-paid) SEO, and we are excited to put our tribal knowledge to use for your dental practice. We have the ability to utilize multiple tools that will help you generate new patients for your practice.

Enhanced Local Optimization

Our Enhanced Local Optimization helps create a cohesive brand across your profiles by showcasing your products and services through branded content. This helps get you the clearest insights on your business rankings, phone calls, website visits, and revenue attribution from your profiles.

Digital service - Social Media

Social Media Management

Organic Social

Innovate brings our fresh perspective and honed expertise to help define your dental practice’s social media goals and social media campaign strategy. Our extensive experience in the dental sector means that we already speak to the mind and heart of the patient with whom you wish to connect, and know when and how to engage them. We create and post our targeted content consistently to ensure your message reaches the most users with the most optimal timing. 

Paid Social

Innovate sees great value in the power of Facebook and Instagram ads, and we specialize in the creation and placement of these ads. Our social media ads draw prospective patients to your designated funnel/landing page, where they’re prompted to take action or request more information.

We recommend using both of these social media ad platforms as traffic sources, because they offer a variety of benefits.

Facebook Ads
Instagram Ads
Paid social and social media advertisments
Google Keywords and Ads words is one of digital services

Google Adwords & Pay-Per-Click (PPC)

Ads Creation & Management

Our PPC advertising campaigns are based around competitive analysis. We derive optimum keywords from extensive research and A/B testing. We increase your web traffic, click-through rates (CTR) and conversions by identifying and/or creating specific landing pages for a full viewer experience. By targeting PPC ad copy for critical search terms, we ensure your listing shows up for what your prospective patients are searching.

By leading your prospective patients to a landing page designed specifically for their search terms, your practice will increase conversion rates and, in turn, generate a greater return on investment (ROI).

Landing Pages

In digital marketing, a landing page is a standalone web page within your website, created specifically for a marketing campaign. It’s where your website visitor “lands” after they click on your Google, Facebook, or Instagram ad.

Innovate has mastered the art of creating landing pages that hold the hand of your visitor from beginning to end, while your page content tells the story of how you can improve the quality of their lives! Throughout the story, we give your visitor many opportunities to request more information and/or schedule an appointment with you. Some visitors will engage early, others engage later in your story. Regardless…we build an experience that is welcoming and engaging to all.

Innovate creates one new landing page for you per month, each page targeted on a specific vein of your marketing outreach focus.

Innovate Dental Marketing offers Reports and Analytics for your dental practice

ROI Data Reporting

Personalized Reporting Dashboard

See all of your marketing data in one centralized place! With automatic integrations, you can see real-time data as well as self-inserted data that is relevant to your marketing efforts.

Running Google or Facebook ads? Track the number of impressions, conversion rates, and top performing keywords. Want to know how many times your Google profile has shown up for searches? This dashboard can show you that too! From website tracking to organic social media, and from PPC ads to new patient data – this dashboard is created specific to what matters to you!

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