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Enhanced Local Optimization

January 25, 2022

Millions of people all over the world are using various forms of Enhanced Local Optimization to find businesses, products, and services. Maintaining consistent information and updates across all of your business profiles is vital in the ever-evolving world of E-commerce. Our team at Innovate Dental Marketing creates a cohesive brand across all of your business profiles and gains clear insights into business rankings, phone calls, website visits, and revenue attribution from your profile. With our Enhanced Local Optimization package, we at Innovate want to elevate your dental practice to where it needs to be; at the very top!

Your Dental Practice NEEDS to be Seen by Potential Patients!

Hey guys what’s going on, it’s Michael Fleming at Innovate Dental Marketing. Coming to talk to you today about our Enhanced Local offering, that’s going to help you grow your practice and Dental Service Organization. So what is Enhanced Local? We’ve been pitching this now for about 6 months and it makes total sense when people finally get it, but there’s a learning curve. So I wanted to take a quick minute to tell you what like is Enhanced Local? and how can it benefit you.

Enhanced Local is kind of like Search Engine Optimization for your mobile device. And why is this important you might ask? I’m glad you asked! Did you know that upwards of 73% of search right now, is on a mobile device? BOOM. Let me say that again, upwards of 73% of search, organic searches, on is happening on a mobile device. And why is that important? Well traditionally when you’re searching let’s say a desktop for example, it’s easy to go in with your search engine optimization and target for keywords, optimize images for certain keywords; especially for dentists, dentistry, dental procedures, Invisalign, whatever offers you’ve got going if we can stack those keywords, stack keywords within contact or content stack keywords within images, it’s a perfect way to strategize as well as like metatags and all of that. What happens, though, with mobile searches, there’s this thing called geolocation data that now all of a sudden comes into play. And what happens is the old way of doing search engine optimization is not as optimized for mobile devices. And so that’s what this is, it’s taking what we’ve learned from traditional search engine optimization as well as what we’ve learned from Google Maps, for example, and Google My Business that has a ton of geolocation data that’s encapsulated in that and then combining the two to create this enhanced local. And so think of this as your search engine optimization to include all of these mobile devices that are now searching. So it’s not just optimizing for Google My Business, and Google Maps, It’s optimizing for your website as well to make sure that we’re including geo-location data and the information that we’re encapsulating to make sure that when you’re searching on your mobile device, that that’s included. So think of traditionally like you’re on your mobile device searching “Dentist near me” Not only is it going to go to your Google My Business or Google Maps, but now it’s also going to pull in information from your website as well because you’re now maximizing this.

"And so that's what this is, it's basically taking what we've learned from traditional search engine optimization as well as what we've learned from Google Maps, for example, Google My Business that has a ton of geolocation data that's encapsulated in that and then combining the two to create this Enhanced Local."

So basically this is kind of the tagline that I’ve kind of “dumbed” down to make sure it’s easy for everyone to kind of understand. Kind of like SEO for your mobile device. It’s a big thing right now. So much search is happening. Enhanced local. It’s the same as what we’ve always been doing. What we’re trying to do is make sure everyone understands the value of $299 a month and that includes the traditional Have you ever done our in-app which was focused on directory listings, we started that product about five years ago, four or five years ago, really focused on the name, address, phone number making sure that all that data is relevant and current and consistent across all those platforms. Now it’s linking all the geolocation data together to optimize for these mobile devices. So it’s still a massive benefit for the desktop device as well. This isn’t like you’re going from the desktop and laptop experience now over to the mobile device, It’s taking what we’ve been doing with search engine optimization off-page optimization now including it in addition to not instead if that makes sense. So this is a great way to kind of encapsulate it. To make it simple, again 73% of search right now is happening on mobile devices. We want to make sure that you and your practice are optimized for this so that when someone is looking for a dentist near them or you’re looking for a certain procedure or process that you’re offering, whether it’s Invisalign, whether it’s veneer, whether it’s cleaning, general dentistry, whatever that is we want to make sure that we’re optimized for that so that when they search on their mobile device which 73% of search is now happening, that you are being included in that. So give us a call today or fill out the form on this page and get in contact with us to figure that out because $300 a month is such a low entry point for you to be able to start boosting and more activity for you and the wealth of your practice. Give us a call today!

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