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Thanksgiving is a time of year when we step out of our day-to-day routines and take a moment to show gratitude and share it with those who are important to us. This is why I’m reaching out to you now! I wanted to take a moment to let you know…   I’m grateful to have you in my life!   2018 has been an incredible year for myself and my family…and one thing I recently learned this year at the Tony Robbins private retreat in Fiji was that, in addition to creating incredible goals that lead to amazing outcomes in our lives, it’s equally important to   CELEBRATE these outcomes when we’ve achieved them!   One new practice that my family created after this learning was the beginning of our weekly “Magic Moments” family meeting! During this family meeting – which we decided to have every Sunday night at 7pm at our local Baskin Robbins – my beautiful wife, myself, and our amazing children share the prior week’s “Magic Moments” that happened to each of them throughout the week! We’ve purchased journals for each family member in which we log each of these Magic Moments! This has been an amazing addition to our routine because it allows us the time to celebrate all of our combined achievements throughout the week…including our own!   When was the last time you took a moment to celebrate an accomplishment?   Most of the time…we treat an accomplishment with the same excitement and fervor as another item on a “To-Do” list! We simply check it off…and then we’re on to the next goal! The problem with this is that we’re never taking that time to really appreciate all of the GOOD that we are doing in this life!!! When you take the time to log it in your journal…you get the opportunity to reflect on how that accomplishment made you FEEL! The other thing I’ve learned from this weekly exercise is that:   I FREAKING ROCK!!!   I give a lot of money to local charities, give a lot of time to local non-profits, and enjoy a lot of magical time with my beautiful children as well as meaningful time with my loving wife! These moments just came and went in the past…relying on our imperfect memories to remember they even happened. Now that we are recording these Magic Moments, we are taking the time to share…and I mean SPEAK OUT LOUD… all the great things we are experiencing in our lives! Since we are writing these in our journal, we are looking for these accomplishments on a daily basis. The most magical thing about this new process is that when I sit down to look for these accomplishments…   I FIND THEM!   I hope you take a moment this Thanksgiving to find a few of your accomplishments!   With Love,   Michael Fleming President, CEO Innovate Dental Marketing