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In any business, the only two measurements that truly matter are the relationships you build with your customers/clients and profitability. This is exactly why customer service becomes the most important criteria in the buying and selling process; it links back directly to the purpose of the business. It is also the best way to measure business success.     It isn’t uncommon for businesses to believe that customer service is nothing but a problem-solving activity. While this approach works, it also results in a very feeble asset. On the other hand, if you spend time developing your customer service offerings, you will notice a huge difference in customer satisfaction levels; this in turn has an impact on your profitability.   How Good It Feels To Receive Great Customer Service   Most successful business owners are of the opinion that customers may even be willing to compromise a bit on the quality aspect if they believe that outstanding customer service is a given. Look back on a recent customer service experience you’ve had. Maybe you are a weekly customer at your local Krispy Kreme. You have a standard order of two dozen doughnuts…and on occasion you also grab a bottle of Smart Water while you’re there. On one of these visits, you place your standard doughnut order. While the lady at the counter is confirming your order, she also asks you whether you’d like your Smart Water. It’s a small gesture…but as time passes, you’re grateful that she actually remembered you! Isn’t that simple act amazing? While you don’t visit the establishment every day, she still remembered you and the regular order you place. This is exactly what great customer service is all about. It’s about the little things, the things that take a customer by surprise and make them feel as though you care about THEM!   The Secret to Living is Giving   In any business or practice, it’s always the special touches that count the most. Whether you’re dealing with your external or internal customers, prioritize providing exemplary customer service and see what kind of response you get. Focus on putting a smile on your customer’s faces. When you do this with consistency, you will also realize how great it feels to GIVE great customer service. The sense of elation and the happiness you feel when someone appreciates your effort, is probably even more fulfilling than the smiles you receive. When you do this with consistency, providing great customer service becomes ingrained in you; it reflects in all your interactions with your customers. You realize that when you go extra mile to provide excellent customer service, it doesn’t go unnoticed.   Bring a Smile to Your Customers’ Faces   When customers show their gratitude, it encourages you to stay on track with your efforts. Over time, this feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment acts as a drug and the high it gives you is extremely addictive. This can encourage you to keep up your efforts and continue to provide great customer service to your customers. When you are approachable, focused, knowledgeable and proactive with solving problems or addressing complaints, that says a lot about your customer service approach and your business as a whole.   Now Go Try It Yourself!   The next time you have a customer service experience – either as the provider or recipient- take a moment to offer your customer a compliment! Try a simple compliment like, “I really love your jacket”, or “Your laugh really brings a smile to my face”and see what kind of response you get! Be ready to receive genuine gratitude for your efforts!