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$299 Social Media Special

December 7, 2021

At Innovate Dental Marketing, our goal is to always create content that is wrapped around your mission and your desired outcome. We know that Social Media can be simple but also tricky and become overwhelming at the same time. Creating our $299 Social Media Package allows us to do all the work for you and your practice so that you can focus on what you do best: being a dentist. Whether it’s Invisalign or teeth whitening, we can make sure that any of your products that are specific to your practice are seen by potential new patients and activate existing patients. Quality work is important to your dentistry, let us provide quality social media management for your practice.

Start Your 2022 with Dominance and Activity!

Hey guys, what’s going on? It’s Michael Fleming at Innovate Dental Marketing. I’m so excited to come to you with today’s offer – it’s a social media package offer. Recently, for Black Friday and Cyber Monday, we did a special for $89 where we were offering you a social media entry package that was like two or three posts spread between Facebook and Instagram and we had some great success. And ironically we received some feedback as well when we were doing this. We were expecting a ton of people to be super excited about that low-entry point but what we wound up finding out quickly was that it wasn’t enough. And so we wound up kind of upgrading them to something that was a little more in line with their expectations. And that’s what I’m coming at you with today is more of a dominance package. So as opposed to an entry-level package, this is something we can do and help you with your social media that’s more of a dominance-minded package so this is geared towards anyone who has a social media account honestly. If you’ve got someone inside the four walls that are actively posting, say on a cadence of three to four times a week, this adds a tremendous amount of value for them in helping step up their presence and/or taking some of that work off of their plate. If you’re someone who hasn’t had a ton of activity over the last three or four months, this is definitely for you but it’s more on the dominance side.

Let me kind of walk you through this real quick. So, what we’re looking at doing is providing 8 unique pieces of content. That’s kind of high-level what we are doing and we’re not talking about cookie-cutter content that’s like “Hey, ya know it’s Martin Luther King Day” Presidents Day, or Veterans Day” or whatever that is. Although, we could do that if that’s important to you. But what we’re looking at doing is connecting with you, your practice, and your mission specific to what your desired outcomes are for that month and embellishing that, and taking that to work for you. 

We’re providing eight unique pieces of content and then we are looking at taking these 8 pieces of content out to Facebook, out to Instagram, and then also delivering out to Twitter. What we can also do is deliver out to your LinkedIn profile as well. And what we are looking at doing is providing all of that content throughout all of these different social media outlets for only $299 a month.

The “Low, Low Price!” – It’s almost like an infomercial, it’s like the Slap Chop. If you don’t know what Slap Chop is – Google that, it’s some funny videos. Anyway, social media dominance – this is really like taking it to the next level. If you’re not that active, $300 is so cheap for the ROI that you are going to get, Right? Because again, the whole point of this is to create content that’s wrapped around your mission, and your desired outcome.

Social Media Marketing

If you’re like a lot of the practices that we work with, a lot of them are so focused on the quality of dentistry that they are providing and maybe they don’t have a director of So for example, we have a lot of practices that are just providing dentistry and rolling with it but we have a lot of practices that we also work with that will have marketing coordinators or marketing directors that have a focused approach. This is something that we can help bring to you as well – where they will have a calendar throughout the year as far as what focuses are month-by-month or quarter-by-quarter. For example, in January – a big important message is educating existing patients and existing followers via your social media about how important it is to get back in to see the dentist. Not only to reactivate to get back in for their dental health but also to take advantage of their new set of benefits or their new pool of benefits that just opened up for the beginning of the year.

Social Media Management for Dentists

So, content could be wrapped around January as Reactivation, and February could be teeth whitening, right? Or maybe for February, you do a teeth straightening solution like clear braces or an Invisalign option, right? We could bring them in for that. Then March maybe might be a little more vanity because there is a light at the end of the tunnel in spring. Maybe that’s where we end up doing a teeth whitening offer. But My point is, we can make whatever calendar that is for you but then once we have that calendar we can support it. Then we start putting together individual messages that support that mission. Imagine jumping to February, and imagining all of the different ads that we can be putting forth for Invisalign for example. Maybe the first one is the benefits of straight teeth, and the second one could be a low entry point – maybe it’s $100 down. Maybe the third one is “Payments as Low as $99 / Month”. The fourth one is “We’re having an event” to invite you in for Invisalign and so forth. We connect with your mission. Again, these aren’t just boiler-plate – these are specific to your practice. 

Then we’re pushing these eight messages across three different social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and then we can push them to your LinkedIn as well if you feel value in that as well. These are just the big traditions so we want to make sure that your bases are covered. Because heck – if you want, we can help with your TikTok marketing too. We can help you with that. That’s not included in this but we can. What this is, is just shoring up the basics.

"This is really geared towards that person that doesn't have that social media maven that's up front posting two to three times a day"

If you’re doing that then we can help you stay focused and add value on mission-critical or critical-focus issues while you’re still getting pictures of the grassroots efforts and the organic efforts that are happening around there. This is geared towards like “Man, I haven’t touched my Facebook account in six months” or even three months or even a month. And generating activity towards the people who have been following you and have just been waiting for your content. Again, the low entry point of $299 – that’s so cheap. And low-barrier commitment because there’s no contract to sign, and there’s no set-up fee. It was $299. You call or email today and what will wind up happening is we will set up and connect with your mission, run your $299 credit card, get all of the log-ins for your different social media platforms, get that posted and if after two months you decide “man, this isn’t for me” or “this isn’t what I thought” – we’re done! Give us a 30-day notice and that’s it! And, if it’s that bad, we’ll give you a money-back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied with the work that we do, money-back is guaranteed.

We’re not here to try and sign you up for a 12-month contract or get you to commit to something crazy. What we’re looking at doing is becoming a trusted partner to help you grow your practice and in this example grow your social influence through your social media platforms. So, from me to you, from my company, I’m hoping that you take advantage of this. You know, for under $300 this is a way to dominate social media. Your Facebook, Instagram, and your Twitter, including your LinkedIn if you want to do that, we’ll throw that in as well.

Give us a call, fill out the form below and we’ll reach out to you. You’ll either talk to me or Cody or Katie and then we’ll just kind of walk you through what’s going on, we’ll connect with your mission, we’ll start creating content, we’ll start pushing that and generating activity and that’s going to be the goal for 2022. More activity – because more activity will mean more people in your chair. More people in your chairs equals more production. And obviously, more production equals more wealth for your practice.

Again, this is Michael Fleming at Innovate Dental Marketing. Don’t wait! Fill out the form right now or pick up the phone right now. Let’s talk and let’s get this going right now to get 2022 off to an amazing start.

I hope you’re well! God bless you! Take Care.