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What Are End-of-Year Benefits Letters?

August 9, 2023
End-of-Year Benefits Letters, Innovate-EOY-campaign

As the year draws closer to the Fall, dental practices have a unique opportunity to enhance patient relationships, boost appointments, and elevate their bottom line with a strategic tool: End-of-Year Dental Benefits Letters. These personalized letters, often referred to as “The Closer” in the world of dentistry, can be a game-changer for dental practices of all sizes. In this blog post, we will delve into what End-of-Year Dental Benefits Letters are and why dentists should consider incorporating them into their practice.

End-of-Year Benefits Letters- What Are They?

End-of-Year Benefits Letters (or EOY Letters) are typically written as a way to reflect on the past year’s experiences, express gratitude, share updates, and offer well wishes for the upcoming year. These letters are often written by individuals, organizations, or businesses to convey their thoughts and feelings as the year comes to a close.

EOY Letters are custom-crafted communications sent by dental practices to their patients as the calendar year nears its end. These letters serve as a vital touchpoint that effectively communicates the remaining dental insurance benefits that patients may have. The letters detail the unused benefits, such as dental cleanings, X-rays, treatments, and procedures that patients are entitled to under their insurance plans. Dentists can use end-of-year benefits letters as a valuable communication tool to engage with their patients and help them make informed decisions about their dental care. 

Here are some ways dentists can utilize EOY Benefits Letters to their advantage to not only boost their production for the last fiscal quarter of the year; but also reactivate their patients to ensure they use their dental benefits and receive treatment.  

Why Should Dentists Use End-of-Year Dental Benefits Letters?

  • Enhancing Patient Engagement and Relationships

End-of-Year Dental Benefits Letters show patients that your practice cares about their oral health and financial well-being. By proactively informing patients about their unused benefits, you demonstrate a commitment to their dental care and their wallets. This personalized approach fosters a sense of trust and loyalty, strengthening the patient-dentist relationship.

  • Increasing Appointment Bookings

The looming expiration of dental benefits provides a compelling incentive for patients to schedule appointments they might have otherwise postponed. EOY Letters act as effective reminders, prompting patients to take action and secure appointments for necessary treatments or preventive care before their benefits reset.

  • Driving Practice Revenue

Utilizing End-of-Year Dental Benefits Letters strategically can lead to a surge in appointment bookings and subsequently drive practice revenue. Patients who might have delayed treatments due to financial concerns are more likely to proceed when they realize the potential savings tied to their expiring benefits.

  • Setting Your Practice Apart

Sending personalized End-of-Year Dental Benefits Letters showcases your practice’s dedication to patient well-being and financial prudence. Such thoughtful communication sets your practice apart in a competitive landscape and can lead to positive word-of-mouth referrals as patients share their experiences with friends and family.

  • Capitalizing on Seasonal Momentum

The end of the year is a time of reflection and goal-setting for many individuals. By aligning your dental practice with this natural rhythm, you can capitalize on the motivational energy that often accompanies the turn of the calendar. Patients are more likely to commit to dental care when presented with a timely opportunity that aligns with their personal aspirations.

  • Educational Tool

For patients who might not fully understand how their dental insurance works, these letters provide an opportunity to educate them about their coverage and the value of regular dental care.

  • Marketing Opportunity

 Finally, these letters are the perfect companion to all of your digital marketing efforts.  These letters can help promote a dental practice’s services, particularly if they mention treatments that are covered by insurance and available at the practice, but also let your patients know that their dentist made the effort to send communication to express care about unused dental benefits and their oral health.


End of Year Benefits Letters are essential for both patients and dental practices. They help patients make the most of their insurance coverage, improve their oral health, and potentially save on costs. For dental practices, these letters improve patient engagement, increase treatment acceptance, and foster goodwill.

Overall, End of Year Benefits Letters enables dentists to communicate proactively with their patients about dental insurance benefits and treatment options. By using these letters effectively, dentists can enhance patient engagement, improve treatment acceptance, and help patients optimize their dental insurance benefits for better oral health.

End-of-Year Benefits Letters, Innovate-EOY-campaign